About our sandals

FUNKYFAIN leather sandals are made on a beautiful Greek island in a workshop created in 1986 by an engineer who originally worked in a shoe factory. Later, he set up a small firm, where he now works with his two sons. It’s what we wanted, the story of a beautiful family and a tradition that blends in with high quality and professionalism. It may seem odd in a world of sales volumes… But for us it is very important that each of our customers be satisfied with the experience of the product and the acquisition.

The leather used for the sandals originates from Africa, where it is purchased in a rather rough form, and then prepared for the production directly in the workshop in Greece. It is very important to note that the leather is not chemically treated. It is the only workshop in Greece that uses naturally treated leather, no chemicals used.

The sandals are all handcrafted. One pair is made in about an hour, depending on the complexity of the design.


– Because the leather we use is not chemically treated, the color migration effect may occur, resulting in skin coloring, amplified by sweating and everyone’s pH. This is not considered to be a manufacturing defect. It usually happens with the colored leather and also with the nubuck leather – mainly with the black nubuck. If it still happens after the first couple of times you wear the sandals, you can use the following trick: apply hairspray on the innerside of the leather. Not too much though, and carefully – only on the inside! To make it easier for you, you can use a cleansing disk, for example, or directly with your fingers.
– The nude leather can darken over time.
– To keep the sandals as smooth as possible for a long time, we do not recommend washing them either manually or automatically, but wiping them with a soft, clean, dry cloth, not a brush.
– Do not use water as stains may remain!
– We recommend wearing natural leather sandals only in dry time!
– All types of leather we use, but especially the metallic leather – gold, silver, bronze, should be protected from direct contact with organic solvents (alcohol, acetone etc.).
– The footwear is not a fully impermeable product. So, we recommend wearing it in dry time. For all leather products, prolonged contact with water is prohibited. In this case, the warranty loses its validity.
– If the sandals change their hue touching water, slow drying is recommended (do not wipe with a cloth or other object because it remains stained). Try to dry the sandals naturally, at room temperature.
– Do not store sandals near sources of heat or moisture!
– All of our sandals are handmade, which means they can show color differences or other small imperfections, that are not manufacturing defects.

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